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Zhuge Liang was deified stories doing this propaganda: the ruler for the country is so « spared no efforts in dying, » people should deeply moved, that those « saints », « Wise King » there is such a great quality. Also asked the subjects to learn the spirit, the pursuit of the perfect model of personality such tall, set aside […]

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So he is responsible for the modest organization Battle of Beijing. Yu Qian organized military force, organized defense work, together with the people to defend Beijing; and proposes a political way, he told all military generals say: We now have the Emperor, to stick to places. This strengthened the army to defend the city of […]

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Taking Beijing as a political and military center, the nearest military command of the Great Wall line defense, resist Mongolian military offensive to ensure national unity, from that point, Yongle moved the capital to Beijing is correct. If he fails to take the measures, the situation will be like history, it is difficult to say.Even […]

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In order to resist the Mongol attack, Ming had sealed his many sons in line for the Great Wall plugs king. But now the situation has changed, he went to Nanjing Yongle Emperor went; addition, the original sealed in Rehe prince called Ning, Ning men have a lot of Mongolian cavalry. Yongle Emperor southward compete […]

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641 AD, Xuanzang Chang’an started the original way back, via Gaochang, found here has been Tangjun occupied, he immediately wrote a letter again to the then Emperor Taizong Li Shimin, said he was carrying a large number of Buddhist statues ready home, hoping Emperor Taizong can forgive the sins of their year smuggling. Seven months […]

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